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Domestic gas sours by Rs 168 in five months


Nashik: After the railway ticket hike, the central government has now increased the price of domestic gas by Rs 19 in a single month. The essential commodity for every household has seen a hike of Rs 113 in just the last three months and has increased by Rs 138 in the last five months.

The Central Government during Loksabha elections cut of the prices of the unsubsidized gas cylinder by Rs 120.50, to lure the voters. The prices then were only Rs 585.50 in Nashik for several months.

Now the government has started increasing the domestic gas prices and it has reached to Rs 705. The government started the price hike from the month of August. It is expected that the prices will sour further.

The domestic cylinder of 14.2 kg weight which was of Rs 537 in August 2019, reached to Rs 705 in January 2020. The price is definitely going to hurt the budget of the common man.

Domestic Gas Historic Rates (In Rs)
Month                            Cylinder Rates         Total hike
August 2019                          537
September 2019                   583                          46
October 2019                        593                         10
November 2019                    680                          87
December 2019                    686                           6
January 2020                        705                         19


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