Disaster management meet: Help of army to be taken in emergency situation


Nashik : After forecast of good rain this year, district administration has become alert. Reviewing the flood like situation in the district last time, the help of Army’s 216 Maratha Regiment battalion will be taken again, if there is a flood like situation this time too. For this, Army officials will inspect the areas which are prone to floods soon. Government mechanisms should be ready to tackle natural calamities during monsoon efficiently, instructed District Collector Radhakrishnan B.

A special workshop was organised at Niyojan Bhavan in the district collectorate on preparations by the administration to tackle any flood like situation. The District Collector issued various instructions to the various departments. There should be coordination among all departments during monsoon and a system should be put in place for this, it was instructed in this meeting. Orders have been issued to irrigation department that while discharging water from dam, information should be given to NMC, villages, residential areas, residents, officials, employees, sarpanch and Police Patil. Considering the amount of rain the district receives on an average, water level in Gangapur, Nandurmadhyameshwar, Palkhed and other dam projects increases suddenly in a very short time during monsoon. Officials and staff should be ready to give immediate response to this emergency like situation. Make necessary changes in work style after studying the flood like conditions that had occurred last monsoon.

Make plans considering situation that had emerged in flood like condition. Make planning for availability of aid and communication system, medical facilities, medicines, local life guards, volunteers and disaster management material properly and keep all material given to talukas in readiness, instructed the District Collector.

All officials and employees should be present at their head office during monsoon and orders were issued to cancel their leaves. Instructions were also issued that every department should table plans regarding pre-monsoon preparations by June 15.

Resident Deputy District Collector Ramdas Khedkar, Lieutenant Colonel Tarun Kumar, disaster management officer Prashant Waghmare, sub-divisional officer Vasanti Mali, Mahesh Kisve, officials from police, revenue, NMC, health, water resources, public works and Zilla Parishad and chief officers of various municipal councils in the district were present for the meeting.

Meanwhile, disaster management officer Prashant Waghmare showed in detail demonstrations about disaster management. Demonstration of various instruments related to disaster management was shown.

Information about usage of tower light, search battery light, metal cutter, hydraulic door kit and bolt cutter was given to those who were present. Instructions were given to conduct technical survey of dangerous roads and bridges in the district to avoid repetition of tragedy in Raigarh district last year and to stop traffic on weak bridges. It was also instructed to make available alternate routes to prevent traffic jam on these routes.