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Fun filled ‘days’ bring in excitement & togetherness



Nashik: College days are a fun-filled event for all students. Whether it may be these days with students dressing up to the occasion or competitions showcasing their talents, the environment is charged with energy and enthusiasm.

BYK College of Commerce is celebrating the theme days and on Wednesday they had a theme of saree for girls and formals for boys. Deshdoot Times captured the fun-filled moments. Here is what students said about their day’s experience.

We had a saree day and formal day with singing completion on Wednesday. 35 students participated in the singing competition. We also had competitions like Mr BYK Miss BYK, debate, quiz which was held earlier. These competitions give a chance to students to explore themselves and we saw that many freshers participated in the programmes.
                                                                                             – Kamlesh Kale, GS, BYK

These days are special for all students. However, it is not only merriment as on the first day, students staged a play on helmet awareness. This was to create social awareness. The days in college are hence not only fun events but also meaningful. It is also a time for past students to visit the college and relive their times.
                                                                                                    -Priya Jain, student

This is my first year in college but all the seniors supported and encouraged to take part in all the activity. All professors and teachers also are enjoying with students. This is not only days but these 6 days are like a festival for us. While we are enjoying, our college management has also ensured that security is tight and nothing untoward happens.
                                                                                    – Shivani Bhagwat, Student

I am in the 3rd year. We all seniors maintained a healthy relationship with juniors and we are encouraging fresher’s to take part in the competition. As we have many organized activities the students have taken the roles and are doing this work in teams. It is also a very good learning experience for us.
                                                                                   – Arpita Deshpande, Student

The day’s celebration in our college started with Youth day that is on Jan 12. These events are held to nurture the talents among students and also to give them an opportunity to interact with each other across classrooms. While the environment is that of fun and frolic, we also maintain discipline and a strict vigil.
                                                                                           – Prof. Bhagvat Gadekar



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