Youths want better education, sports facilities and equal opportunities

Youths want better education, sports facilities and equal opportunities

NASHIK: The Union Ministry of Youth and Sports has released the draft National Youth Policy-2021. Accordingly, the government has invited suggestions, views and opinions of the youths. The draft policy seeks the views of today’s youth on issues like education, employment and entrepreneurship, neo-leadership development, health, sports and social justice to develop the potential of the generation next. Accordingly six seminars have been organised across the State through Yashwantrao Chavan Center to know the views of the youth on these issues.

The first interactive session was held yesterday at the office of the institute at Gangapur road. The session was attended by the youth from the field of socio-cultural sports. While discussing the subject of education, they expressed the view that there is a need for drastic change in the present education system. The youth echoed that the skill development center for youth should be started at the village level by creating employment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

“Youth correctional institutions like juvenile correctional Iistitutions for criminal youth should also be started while registering opinions on the issue of social justice. Equality of opportunity should be equal for all youth. In order to bring such youth into the mainstream, minimum loans for business should be made available immediately,” they opined. While registering such an opinion, the youth should be interested in the field of sports. For this, PT hours should be scheduled in colleges as well as in schools.

For the development of innovation, it is necessary to take the network of National Service Scheme (NSS) to the village level. For this, NGOs should take initiative and implement initiatives. The seminar was attended by boys and girls from Nashik, social colleges, Nehru Youth Center and Chavan Center.

Certificates were distributed to the youth participating in the interactive session by Rajendra Dokhale, district executive member and Vilas Deshmukh, Principal of the College of Social Work.

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