Youth saved from drowning

Biker fell into the river bed
Youth saved from drowning

DEOLALI CAMP: In a show of courage, three citizens rescued a youth from drowning when his motorcycle slipped and fell into the Darna river bed near Sansari Shevge Darna. Dhananjay Hanumant Kasar (42), a youth, while riding his motorcycle on the bridge over the Darna river between Sansari and Shevge Darna, fell 50 feet from the bridge which was without a safety wall while riding his bike around 6:30 pm. But the three citizens who were present on the bridge immediately jumped into the river and succeeded in saving this youth from drowning.

The protective side walls of the bridge constructed by the public works department at Shevge Darna in the Darna river basin have broken in many places. Also, the safety bars on the bridge are broken and the area on the bridge has become slippery due to rain. Around 6:30 pm, Dhananjay was coming from Sansari to Shevge Darna on his bike when it slipped due to mud on the bridge.

As the bridge did not have sidebars, the youth fell 50 feet down into the river with his motorcycle. This incident was witnessed by Suresh Kasar, Chandrakant Kasar and Dilip Trimbak aka Dr Kasar, who was present on the bridge, without a moment’s delay they immediately jumped into the river and chased Dhananjay. They managed to reach him at a distance of 100 meters from the bridge and the three pulled the youth out of the river safely. However, the motorcycle got submerged in the water and citizens rushed to the bridge after knowing about the incident.

The youth who was rescued was sent to the hospital for treatment. At this place, the upper part of the bridge is in a damaged condition and slippery and it needs to be repaired. The walls on both sides of the bridge should be completely constructed and safety nets should be installed, as demanded by former sarpanch Rajaram Kasar, Balasaheb Kasar, Dashrath Palde, Prakash Palde and villagers.

Bridge needs urgent revamp

"The bridge at Shevge Darna has become very dangerous and the protective sidebars of this bridge have been washed away due to floods. It is necessary for the public works department to pay attention to this. Many vehicles of school students run through this bridge morning and evening, and many students come and go by bicycle, if the said incident had happened in the rain the day before yesterday, there would have been a major mishap. The concerned department needs to pay attention to this immediately." - Sharad Kasar, BJP, Nashik Lok Sabha Coordinator

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