Youth NCP bats for public safety, burns nylon manja

Youth NCP bats for public safety, burns nylon manja

Nashik: Youth wing of city NCP on Tuesday burnt nylon manja as protest against its illegal use and demanded immediate action on the part of the district administration against the unauthorised sellers and users. The party said that the banned thread is taking lives of not only of the birds but also humans.

Colourful kites are being flown in large numbers in the city ahead of Makar Sankrati festival, while on the other hand, use of banned nylon thread is rampant and people, including birds, have to jeopardise their lives. NCP state vice president Nanasaheb Mahale, city president Ranjan Thakre and youth city president Ambadas Khaire were present on the occasion.

The use of non-breakable nylon manja is on the rise as there is a growing demand for better quality thread for kite flying. The use of nylon manja has been banned by the Supreme Court and is still being sold secretly in the city.

A large quantity of nylon manja is confiscated by the administration every year. Even so, restricting unauthorised use of the manja is still beyond the control of the administration. The use of nylon manja causes many accidents. Many civilians have been killed in the accident and the number of bird deaths is also significant. Nylon manja is dangerous and unbreakable, leading to many fatal accidents.

In a recent incident, while returning home on a two-wheeler ( Dec 28), a female employee was succumbed to injuries due to slitting her throat by nylon manja. Many such incidents are happening and nylon manja is seen hanging on every tree.

Many birds get trapped in these manja and even die. City president Ambadas Khaire demanded strict action against those who sell such banned nylon manja secretly and those who use it.

Bala Nigal, Nilesh Bhandure, Vikas Sonawane, Shivraj Oberoi, Jai Kotwal, Mukesh Shewale, Ankush Varade, Navraj Ramraje, Sagar Bedarkar, Santosh Jagtap, Samrat Gaikwad, Rahul Kamankar, Akshay Patil, Karan Arote and other office bearers and activists were present on the occasion.

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