World Olympic Day 2021

Promoting sports and wellness
World Olympic Day 2021

NASHIK: World Olympic Day 2021 is celebrated every year on June 23rd to promote health and sports and promote sportsman spirit in individuals. In 1894, the International Olympic Committee was formed Baron Pierre di Courbetin. The creation of the Olympic games is inspired by the ancient games played in Olympia, Greece. This day was first celebrated in 1948 to celebrate sports and encourage participation in the game. The Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020 has been postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic. However, it will be branded as the 2020 Summer Olympics. In April, the head of the Tokyo Olympics announced that it won’t get cancelled despite the surging Covid 19 cases. The event is expected to begin on 23rd July in Japan’s capital.

Five rings on the Olympics flag

The Olympic flag consists of five rings - Red, blue, yellow, black, and green, on a white background. The rings are interlinked, symbolising unity by Olympism and representing the five participating continents of the world.

Ten Must Watch Summer Olympics Sports

  • Handball

  • Wrestling, Taekwondo, and Judo

  • Table Tennis

  • Volleyball

  • Archery

  • Water Polo

  • Women’s Soccer

  • Swimming

  • Track

  • Gymnastic

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