World Bicycle Day

Pedal your worries away
World Bicycle Day

NASHIK: World Bicycle Day is celebrated on 3rd June every year to celebrate the first physical activity we mastered in childhood. From riding our first bicycle on training wheels to racing with friends in hilly areas, those temporary bruises gave us a permanent memory to cherish. The United Nations dedicated a day to Bicycle for various reasons.

Even though cycles are mere basic structures, their impact on society is huge. From taking care of an individual’s physical and mental health, these pedal-driven vehicles provide the basic transport facility to the poor. In 2020, the graph of cycle usage grew tremendously in the district and other cities due to the residents’ increased attention to fitness.

Many people opted for cycles, and youngsters created groups on social media for planning trips on bicycles. Many people from all over the country were in newspapers for paddling hundreds of kilometers to get medicines and other important items required for their relatives’ treatment. Such news motivated others to opt for cycling as a transport mode amid the lockdown.

Nashik Cyclists Foundation made headlines in the past year due to various competitions and records implying the risen awareness level among the residents about the benefits of cycling. It’s one of the famous physical exercises that is affordable, needs basic training and just one equipment. It strengthens muscles and is one of the topmost recommended exercises for weight loss.

Cycling even keeps mental health in check as exercising leads to the secretion of the Endorphin hormone, leading to reduced stress and tension. As the activity is affordable, many poor people opt for cycling as it saves money and time. Reduced pollution is one of the major benefits of cycles as motor vehicles release harmful pollutants having several bad effects on human health and the ecosystem.

“The bicycle is the simplest and cheapest form of personal transport. In our city Nasik, many workers, maids, milk and newspaper delivery persons, security personnel, service staff use the bicycle to commute. Physically challenged people use modified bicycles to move around freely without depending on others. During the pandemic, there has been a resurgence in the use of the bicycle. People of all ages took up cycling to maintain their physical health and mental peace. The bicycle is a very powerful instrument in democratising society, helping in raising the standard of living by connecting labour with jobs and spreading education in rural areas by helping students reach school and colleges. It does this very efficiently in a non-polluting, environment friendly manner. I encourage more people to make the bicycle their friend and experience for themselves the joy of cycling." - Sophia Andrade Kapadia (Cyclist, Fitness Instructor, Life Coach)

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