Workout at home is the new fitness mantra

Workout at home is the new fitness mantra


The number of a fitness freak and cycling people in the city is very high. For the past three months, fitness enthusiasts people in the city have been exercising at home.Some sports and cycle shops have been opened since June.

The number of cyclists in the city has increased. Since the opening of sports and cycle shops in the city, it is seen that most of the shops are crowded. People have seen buying home exercise items, who have not exercised in the open due to coronavirus.

Mostly dumbbells, plates, treadmills, boxing bags are used in home exercising. Helmets, gloves and other items have become more available while cycling. Deshdoot Times talks to some sports and cycle shop owners to know which items receiving good response for home exercise or cycling.

Sunil Deo, Sports shop owner said that, in the current situation, the number of people exercising at home has increased. Selling dumbbells, plates, running shoes, toning tubes receiving a good response from people.

As the number of cyclists increases, most of the people are seen buying helmets, dresses and gloves for cycling. The cycling exercise also helps maintain social distancing.

There has been a huge increase in sales of exercise items. Dumbbells, treadmills, bicycles, boxing bags, yoga mats are all in huge demand. customers are demanding items that can easily be exercised at home. Helmets and gloves are also in demand for cycling. Also, Made in India products are mostly being preferred by customers, says Shubham Jadhav, sports shop keeper.

Kishore Kale, cycle shop owner said that, Coronavirus causes more attention to self fitness. The number of cyclists has increased during this period. Cycling is good for self fitness, citizens are also seen using cycles more. Sales of cycles are now higher than before. Receiving good response from people.

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