Worker Union demands to address pending issues

Worker Union demands to address pending issues

Nashik: The union of Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) employees has said that the voluntary retirement scheme implemented by the MSRTC is not beneficial to the employees. Therefore, after retirement, employees should be given a benefit of 180 days instead of 90 days.

It has demanded to cancel unjust transfers of employees, rectification of errors in improved discipline and application procedure, renewal of licenses for ST employees, the money recovered by the ATIM system should be returned to the conductors from Trimax company and seats in sleeper coaches should be reserved to the families of ST employees.

In addition, there was a preliminary discussion on the implementation of Mediclaim scheme for ST Corporation employees instead of reimbursement of medical bills.

MSRTC positive on demands

- The uncertainty over Rs 300 as incentive allowance will be removed.

- As per the ruling, if the employee is infected by Covid-19, special leave will be granted.

- Irregularities in Rs 50 lakh insurance scheme will be addressed and insurance cover will be given to the employees as per the rules of the government.

- Covid-19 will be included in critical illness as per government rules to reimburse the medical bills.

- CNG, LNG pumps will be started soon along with charging stations for vehicles running on electricity.

- After resolving all the complaints regarding freight, the freight of the government undertaking will be handed over to ST Corporation soon.

- A decision to implement computer work allocation is in the final stage.

- Strict action will be taken against the guilty officer after investigating the suicide case of Manoj Chaudhary.

- As per the 7th Pay Commission, the five per cent dearness allowance will be applicable by eliminating the gap between the rent and the annual salary increment as it is given to employees of the state government.

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