Where there is a will there is always a way
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Where there is a will there is always a way

Nikheel Pardeshi

There will always be a way to reduce food wastage. All we have to do is just open our eyes and think. Here are some ways how you can make yourself useful to the Environment and take part in the reduction of the wastage.

Don’t Waste. Never waste food. Cook in your homes only as much as needed and not more than that. If you are expecting any guests, then take their food habits into consideration and if possible, ask them whether they are full and eat how much.

Eat how much you really need. Always do not put a large amount of food in your plates. Instead, take small servings each time you serve. This reduces the possibility of food wastage. Put your creation into food.

When there is a possibility of food remaining after dinner or lunch in your house, try to use the remains in creating a new dish by mixing them and following little procedures. For example, with left out rotis, you can make tortillas or tostadas and give it as a snack for your children.

If there is rice left out, it can be made into sun-dried snacks that can be fried later in the oil. There are a lot more alternatives. Donation is better than Dumping. Its always better to donate the left out food to the poor and needy instead of throwing it into the garbage bin. They feel happy and you will be happy too by feeding them their day meal.

If you are planning a big party. Whenever you are planning a big party or wedding or dinner, plan wisely. Take into consideration the number of guests and the amount of food needed. Advise the guests coming to your party not to waste food and explain to them the need to reduce wastage.

I am sure they will understand wholeheartedly. By any chance, if there is any food remaining, there are many options to consider before thinking to throw it. Donate the food to any old age home or some orphanage. After all that will only increase the number of guests you have given your party.

At restaurants Keep in mind at restaurants to order the food according to your appetite. Do not order all at once. Instead order one after the other item, so that you know whether your tummy is empty or not.

Form your colony food committee. If possible which is, gather all your colony members and explain them the need regarding the issue. You can form a committee with the accepted members, and then daily collect the remaining food and donate them to your local needy.

One More Thing After all the possibilities given above, if you find the need to throw your food, do it in the following way. Do not wrap the food in the plastic packaging they came in. Remove the packaging and throw so that the dogs and cattle which try to eat them, do not eat the plastic. If they are rotten vegetables, better dry them and make seeds for your garden or else dig a pit in your backyard and then bury them covering with soil. This reduces the emission of Methane into the Environment.
                                                                                                                             -Priya Sobalkar