When Black Ibis flies high

When Black Ibis flies high

NASHIK: In Bhangre farm at Nashik Road Takli / suburb, a big bird, Black Ibis (Kala Awak) bird from species of ibis, got stuck in a nylon thread a few days ago and fell. Some alert citizens of the area rescued the bird from its clutches, but it could not fly.

As a result, Mrs. Gaikwad took it to social activist Dr. Bhaskar Mharsale, an animal and bird lover. He checked and started treating his wounds; the bird could not jump because of the broken leg. He was then plastered.

The Indian black ibis is a species of ibis found in the plains of the Indian Subcontinent. After his leg healed, the bird was released, again to fly high in the sky. It is understood that unlike other ibises species in the region, it is not very dependent on water and is often found in dry fields, at a good distance from water.

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