Wear a helmet or face action

City police to errant motorists
Wear a helmet or face action

NASHIK: After implementation of the ‘No Helmet No Petrol’ campaign in the city, Commissioner of Police Deepak Pandey has informed that in order to impose helmet discipline in the city, the process of counselling will be done first and then punitive action will be taken against those who do not wear helmets.

Therefore, it will be difficult for the two-wheeler riders to refuel their two-wheelers when they do not have a helmet. The ‘No Helmet, No Petrol’ campaign has been implemented in the city since August 15. Police have decided to implement the decision more strictly as they support the decision of the Commissioner of Police to increase the use of helmets to reduce the number of deaths in road accidents.

On the one hand, there is a response to the decision, on the other hand, many motorcyclists are still ignoring the use of helmets and are using different tricks to get petrol. The city police have decided to set up a mobile squad for stricter enforcement, especially against the use of other’s helmets at petrol pumps.

"The helmet is for protection from fatal accidents. A police station wise patrol team will be appointed to reduce the number of errors in the rules. This patrol team will monitor the petrol pump. Malpractice will be curbed by a surprise visit. On the other hand, the road will also be inspected with the help of police personnel. In both cases, the two-wheelers found violating the rules will be taken into custody. From there they will be taken to the Children’s Traffic Park. Drivers will be counselled there for one and a half to two hours. From there, the two-wheelers will be sent to the transport branch to pay the fine." - Deepak Pandey, CP

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