Water will be supplied to remote areas: Thackeray

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Water will be supplied to remote areas: Thackeray

THANE/NASHIK: “I have come to see your situation. A mechanism is being developed to bring tap water to every household. I’ll be back in a month to review the work,” thus assured state Tourism Minister Aditya Thackeray while giving relief to the people of remote areas of Mal, Biwalwadi, Golbhan in Shahapur taluka of the district.

Deshdoot had raised issue of deepening water crisis at the hilly Bibalwadi near Igatpuri, in its edition dated April 29, 2022 under the headline "We only need a pot of water".

In the scorching heat of the summer noon, Minister Thackeray sat down on the ground and discussed the prevailing water crisis with the villagers of Biwalwadi at the far end of the district. He also assured that their years-long water problem would be solved.

After the women villagers of Biwalwadi told Minister Thackeray about the seriousness of water scarcity, he assured them of immediate supply of water through solar energy.

Minister Thackeray said, rain water is flown away in Shahapur, Palghar and Thane areas. Therefore, remote areas face water scarcity. Water will be brought by tanker and discharged into wells until the completion of Bhavli dam project. And then the water would be supplied to the hilly villages through solar pumps.

Earlier, after visiting the villagers of Savarde in Palghar district and Mal in Shahapur taluka, Minister Thackeray visited Kasara Ghat and arrived at Biwalwadi at the far end of Thane district in the afternoon.

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