Water supply by tanker in Rohile Village

Deshdoot Impact
Water supply by tanker in Rohile Village

NASHIK: A severe water scarcity scene in Rohile Village of Trimbakeshwar taluka was published by Dainik Deshdoot. The women had to travel for kilometres to fetch water. As their village didn’t have a drinking water supply facility, the women of this village staged a roadblock agitation.

One of the women even tried to commit suicide by jumping in front of a car. Their plight was published in the newspaper, and it helped serve them justice. Taking note of their helpless situation, the administration has initiated water supply by tanker in Rohile Village. Although Trimbakeshwar taluka receives satisfactory rainfall, with the onset of summer, there is a severe water shortage in the villages. The women of Rohile village had to face several difficulties in fetching drinking water.

Despite repeated complaints from the villagers, the water issue remained prevalent in their area. Citizens of Rohile were facing water scarcity for almost three months now. The shortage led to the ‘Rasta Roko’ agitation, with women taking an aggressive stance and holding a ‘pot morcha’ for drinking water. The villagers expressed satisfaction with the administration’s services and expected the services shall continue without any disruption.

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