Water stock in district dams nearly 4-times more than last year
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Water stock in district dams nearly 4-times more than last year

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


Even as the coronavirus situation in the district particularly at Malegaon is grim, there is some solace for the district as far as the water stock is concerned as it has reported nearly four times more useful storage as compared to the corresponding period last year.

The district had faced successive years of water shortage and drought over the past few years. However, most parts of the district had received good rainfall last year.

According to a Nashik Irrigation Division, Water and Resources report of Tuesday, “at the beginning of June this year, 24 major, medium and small projects in the district have adequate water reserve of 31%.”
On this day last year, the collective stock available across these dams was just 8 per cent. This year, there is abundant water reserve and even if the arrival of monsoon is delayed, the crisis of ‘water cut’ will not affect the district.

Last year, water stock in the district dams had touched the bottom due to drought and compared to present water stock, 13 out of 24 medium and small capacity dams were completely dried, while major dams had left with 10 to 15 percent water storage. As a result, water scarcity was rampant in the entire district. The Gangapur Dam Complex, which supplies water to Nashik city, had 13% water stock availability.

The city which once received one-time a day water supply since June last year due to drought. This year, however, the situation regarding water stock is satisfactory. Due to the extended rainfall last year, all the dams in the district were 100 per cent full to brim and overflowed. The retreating rains had made its presence until December.

Therefore, even in June this year, the dams in the district have 31% average water stock and even if the arrival of monsoon is delayed, the thirst of the district can easily be quenched for two and a half more months. This is a big relief for both, the citizen would not have to face water cut and the farmers is relieved by normal monsoon prediction. The meteorological department has predicted that the monsoon will hit Maharashtra by June 7 and this year it will receive 102 per cent rainfall.

Dam position (In per cent)

Gangapur –               47
Kashyapi –                32
Gautami Godavari – 18
Alandi –                      6
Palkhed –                 11
Karanjavan –            26
Waghad –                 7
Ozarkhed –             40
Punegaon –            10
Tisgaon –                 7
Darna –                    57
Bhavli –                   19
Mukne –                  28
Valdevi –                 17
Bitter-                      5
Valdevi –                  17
Kadva -.                  5
Bhojapur –               6
Chanakapur –          27
Haranbari –             32
Kelzar –                   5
Nagasakya –          7
Girna –                   33
Punad –                  26