Water levels in dams rise than last year

Water levels in dams rise than last year

NASHIK: Heavy rains in July in the district have broken the 80-yearold rainfall records. With 200 mm of rain in a single month, almost all the small, medium and big reservoirs in the district are overflowing. With this, Nashikites have gotten relief from the possibility of a water cut.

At present, water storage has increased to 84% and there is a significant increase in dam storage in the district which had only 51% water stock on August 2 last year. The water stock of Gangapur dam, which supplies water to the city, has reached 74 per cent. After heavy rains last month, almost all the dams in the district filled to the brim.

After rains in all parts of the district, there has been a significant increase in the catchment area and 9 of the 24 dams in the district have overflowed due to 100% filling. Alandi in the Gangapur dam complex, Waghad, Ozarkhed, Tisgaon, Bhavli, Valdevi, Bhojapur, Haranbari and Kelzar dams in the Palkhed dam complex have filled to the brim.

In this, the water storage in Girna dam, which has the highest water storage capacity in the district, has increased from 34 to 90 per cent within a week.

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