Water discharged in Balganga, eight villages relieved

Water discharged in Balganga, eight villages relieved

NASHIK: The water discharge from Gangapur Dam’s left canal for agriculture is in its last stage, and as the water has been released into the Balganga River, it has helped quench the thirst of eight villages, including Kasbe Sukene. The supply has also brought a sense of relief to riverside farmers as the water supply will aid them in irrigation.

Almost every second village is suffering from water shortage as the summer season is at its peak. As water is a basic need, its shortage affects everyone severely. Therefore, due to water discharge in the river basin near Ojhar, the Balganga and other tributaries have started overflowing.

From Gangapur Dam’s left canal, three cycles are discharged for rabi crops and two for orchards, thus summing it up to five cycles. Villagers had demanded the discharge of water in Balganga in every cycle. However, the administration releases water in this river in at least three out of five cycles, thus benefitting the farmers. Due to the discharge, Dikshi, Shiledarwadi, Datyane, Jivhale, Thergaon, Onne, Mauje Sukene, Kasbe Sukene and other villages have quenched their thirst this summer.

As the villagers were suffering, the irrigation department released the water after the orders of MLA Dilip Bankar. Even though the river flows in abundance during the rainy season, its flow reduces during the summer season and thus, needs water discharge.

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