Water discharge from 13 dams

Water discharge from 13 dams

NASHIK: The retreating rains have intensified again in Nashik district. Parts of the district are experiencing heavy showers since last night. The water level in Godavari river rose after the water discharge from Gangapur dam at the rate of 3000 cusecs in the afternoon. The meteorological department has warned of heavy rains which are likely to continue for another three days.

In the meantime, Met Nashik has recorded 15.9 mm of rainfall between 8:30-17:30 in Nashik city yesterday. The storage level of 12 out of 24 dams, including seven big and 17 medium projects in Nashik district is full this monsoon, with water being discharged from 13 of them, an Irrigation report stated on Tuesday. It said Gangapur and Alandi dams in the Gangapur Dam Complex were 100 per cent full, with discharge of water at the rate of 285 cusecs and 50 cusecs respectively.

While discharge also continued from Kashyapi at 150 cusecs. In the meantime, the district has from June 1 till September 27, 2021, has recorded a rainfall of 94.61 mm of the average rains. Following heavy rainfall in the catchment and upstream dams areas, the water storage in the Gangapur Dam Complex which comprises Gangapur, Kashyapi, Gautami Godavari, and Alandi dams has reached 100 per cent, while in the district dams, the water level has also risen to 86% (56425 mcft) of its total storage capacity of 65664 mcft.

The Gangapur dam provides drinking water to the Nashik city. The overflowing of the reservoir has brought a big relief for Nashikites as the problem of drinking and irrigation water is almost resolved and on the other hand water from Gangapur dam will not have to be released for Jayakwadi project in Marathwada.

Citizens rescue man

A man clung to a branch of a tree to avoid getting swept away by the strong currents of Godavari river was rescued from the flood in Nashik. A person was sweeping away in the floods at Ramkund in Panchavati yesterday afternoon. Four to five people jumped into the swollen river to rescue the man as they spotted him being swept away in the flood. However, due to strong water currents, they could not get access to him. But at some distance, the man got stuck in a tree branch and someone pulled him out.

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