Wada collapses in Bhadrakali

Representational mage
Representational mage

NASHIK: Due to the heavy rains lashing the district for the past two weeks, various dangerous wadas or their parts in the city’s outskirts have collapsed. With yesterday’s incident, the number of collapsed wadas reached seven. Around 09:00 am, a closed wada collapsed yesterday in the Bhadrakali area with no loss of life reported. As per the information received, the collapse led to financial loss worth lakhs.

Upon receiving the information, Nashik Municipal Corporation’s fire brigade personnel and construction department officials and employees rushed to the spot. The personnel initiated the rescue operation, and residents willingly came forward to help.

The wada’s wall collapsed near the Saraswati Line area in front of the Malhar Vadapav shop in the Bhadrakali area. Fortunately, no one was present in the wada’s proximity while the closed wada collapsed. The corporation had already issued a notice to this wada, tagging it as dangerous. Meanwhile, around seven wadas or their parts have collapsed in the old Nashik area, while 15 dangerous wadas have been evacuated by Nashik Municipal Corporation’s officials. The corporation has issued notices to 1117 dangerous wadas this year and has instructed the owners/tenants to demolish dangerous wadas.

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