Vulture rescued from Mahiranvi

Bird stable and under observation
Vulture rescued from Mahiranvi

Nashik: The Forest department and Eco Echo Foundation has rescued a vulture from Mahiranvi village. The big bird was attacked by the dogs when the villagers saw the bird. The villagers shooed the dogs and kept eye on the bird. In between the other villagers contacted the forest department.

Showing respect to the wildlife the villagers took the bird with them. Meanwhile, the forest team including RFO Vivek Bhadane, Ahirrao, Eco Echo Foundation's Vaibhave Bhogale left for rescue. The villagers contacted again and met the rescue team in middle way and handed over the bird.

Accordingly, the bird was bought to the Government Veterinary Hospital, Nashik. The Veterinary Medical Officer Dr Sachin Vende conducted necessary test and gave much needed treatment to the bird. After x-ray it was revealed that the bird is not injured and no fractures are there. It was concluded that the bird fell due to dehydration. The big bird is now stable and is under observation of forest department.

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