Vegetable prices slightly lower as supply rises

Capsicum, brinjal fetch highest price
Vegetable prices slightly lower as supply rises

Nashik: The vegetable prices have slightly lowered this week compared to last week as supply to Nashik Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) has been risen. Capsicum, brinjal, green chilly and tomato received a good price. Brinjal fetched a price of Rs 5,000 per quintal during auction on Thursday, while capsicum also fetched Rs 5,000 per quintal. a total of 11,766 quintals of vegetables arrived at Nashik APMC on the day. A total of 168 vehicles carrying vegetables had headed to various cities on Thursday.

Vegetable crops were hard hit by retreating rains in October in some parts of the district. As rain is over, vegetable supply has been risen. As mercury in district has slid to 10 to 11 Degree Celsius, the weather is conducive for leafy vegetables. As supply of some vegetables has been lowered, their prices have been slightly downed. Brinjal, capsicum, chilly, tomato got good price.

In the auction on Thursday (Nov 12) the highest price per quintal of brinjal was Rs 5,000 (99 quintals) and capsicum was also received the same price. (205 quintals), Followed by this cluster bean received a price of Rs 4,500 (7 quintals), ridged gourd Rs 2,875 (97 quintals), smooth gourd Rs 2,085 (58 quintals), pumpkin Rs 400 (687 quintals), tomato Rs 2,500 (950 quintals), cauliflower Rs. 890 (676 quintals), cabbage Rs. 1,875 (910 quintals), cucumber Rs. 1,000 (1450 quintals), finger lady Rs 2,210 (36 quintals). Onions were priced at Rs 3,600 per quintal (499 quintals) on November 12 and potatoes at Rs 3,100 per quintal (855 quintals). Garlic was at Rs 9,050 per quintal (17 quintals).

A total of 102 vehicles carrying vegetables were sent to Mumbai suburbs, while 60 to Gujarat, two to Jalgaon, one to Nagpur and one each is to Pune and Yavatmal. A total of 168 vehicles were sent.

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