Vegetable prices skyrocket, consumers feel the heat

Vegetable prices skyrocket, consumers feel the heat

NASHIK: As the Nashik district witnessed heavy rains for 20 to 22 days continuously, the production of fruits and vegetables in the district was affected severely. Due to the reduced arrival of stock in the market committees, the demands of vegetable vendors are not being met, thus increasing the vegetable prices twofold.

Due to the gap in demand and supply, the prices of cabbage, cauliflower, cluster beans (Gavar), capsicum, and cucumber, have doubled. Even the prices of leafy vegetables like coriander, fenugreek, and spinach, have skyrocketed. Due to inflation, consumers are suffering severely.

Vendors and wholesalers only register a 30 to 40 per cent profit margin. Also, Nashik’s commodities are high in demand in Mumbai city and states like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and others. Therefore, there is steep competition in the market committees. Although the rains have improved the grading, maturity and shelf life of the produce, the vegetables are being sold at higher rates.

Also, farmers’ field produce has been damaged severely due to the accumulation of rainwater in fields. The farmers couldn’t harvest their produce as well because labourers refused to work amid heavy rains. Therefore, the supply of vegetables to market committees has reduced significantly.

In Kalwan, Dindori, Nashik, Peth and other talukas, the roots of the vine vegetables (climbing vegetables) rotted due to excessive rainwater. Also, leafy vegetables have started rotting due to excessive water. When traders bring farm produce into the market committees, the prices increase as transportation and other costs are added to prices. Some vegetables have even touched Rs 100 per kg.

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