Vaccination amidst rains

Vaccination amidst rains

DEOLALI CAMP: The Cantonment General Hospital in Deolali Camp received praises and recognition at the national level for its commendable work in the pandemic. The hospital is even doing extremely well with the vaccination campaign as it vaccinated 1100 residents on Saturday (4th September) under the mass vaccination campaign.

However, the residents faced troubles yesterday while standing in the queue for vaccination due to heavy rainfall. The hospital didn’t arrange any facility for citizens, and some got completely drenched due to rains. While some took shelter under trees or roofs, others didn’t want to leave the line fearing they would miss their number.

It is the responsibility of the hospital to arrange appropriate shelter for the citizens. They can ask the citizens to wait inside the hospital, near the wards, as they are no Covid-19 patients admitted in the hospital now. With heavy rainfall, the chances of viral and flu increase and citizens become prone to illness.

“We will ask the Cantonment Board to put up a shade for residents as their health is our priority.” - Dr Jayashree Natesh

“I think CEO needs to make appropriate facilities for the citizens as the young might not get affected by the heavy rains, but elderly will surely get affected. As it the viral is on rise, the cases will increase if the residents don’t get a proper shelter while standing in the queue” - Jaggdish Lachhwani

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