Vacant posts affecting NMC's functioning

Special general meeting on Wednesday for recruitment
Vacant posts affecting NMC's functioning

NASHIK: Mayor Satish Kulkarni had announced the decision to recruit employees on honorarium in Nashik Municipal Corporation soon, but it was decided to discuss it in the next general body meeting. Now again, on 17th November, Mayor Satish Kulkarni has called a special general meeting.

It is necessary to recruit a few hands to remove the sluggishness created in the corporation's work due to the increasing number of vacancies every month due to retirement and voluntary retirement. A special general body meeting has been arranged on Wednesday to decide on the honorarium proposal.

During the general body meeting held under the chairmanship of Mayor Kulkarni on Friday, during the discussion on the proposal regarding punishment on illegal buildings, the demand for recruitment was made by the corporators. A total of 7090 posts in various categories have been sanctioned on the Establishment Appendix of NMC. Among those, almost 2400 posts have become vacant due to the monthly retirement of officers, servants, and voluntary retirement.

As the number of vacancies is increasing day by day, the work stress on the available servants is increasing. NMC has not been able to recruit for the last 24 years.

Due to the increasing establishment cost, the government has not sanctioned the recruitment of vacancies, which is causing difficulties in the administrative work of the corporation. Five years ago, NMC had sent a revised figure of 14,700 employees for the approval of the state government.

However, the government did not approve the proposal and had to send a revised proposal to the administration. Of these, 680 new posts related to health-medical, fire-fighting, construction, and electricity departments were approved by the government, but the recruitment of these posts is difficult as the corporation cannot fulfill the conditions reported by the government regarding the recruitment of these posts.

As a result, due to lack of manpower, there are difficulties in tax collection work like property tax and water tax, so the tax arrears have gone up to Rs 600 crores.

Due to a large number of vacancies in the town planning and tax collection department, the survey of illegal buildings could not be carried out. The vacancies in the various departments are affecting the functioning of NMC. On top of that, it is directly affecting the revenue generation of the NMC as well.

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