Use of technology in vaccination drive

Unique initiative by officials, villagers
Use of technology in vaccination drive

Nashil : Covid vaccination is underway everywhere. In many places, the villagers who come for vaccination do not get the vaccine in time. You have to stand in line for hours and finally return home without getting vaccinated.

In some places, vaccination is hampered due to the village politics. Frequent complaints from many vaccination centers. Mhalsakore Health Center in Niphad taluka is an exception.

Citizens are saying that due to the planning of health officials Priyanka Pawar and Sanap, the citizens of the villages coming under Mhalsakore health are getting vaccinated in a timely manner.

A WhatsApp message is sent to Asha, Anganwadi, Gram Panchayat staff asking how many vaccines will be available for a day before the day on which the vaccine will be available at Mhalsakore Health Center and the citizens who have to be vaccinated should be present in the morning on a certain date.

That message is sent by the  concerned staff to other groups of villages in the jurisdiction. The next day the citizens go on the same date they are called, so there is no crowd as there is no person present waiting for vaccine.

Citizens who go for vaccination are given a token on there mobile number. Citizens line up in token order. Senior citizens are given tokens and rest in the shade. When the number arrives, the other employees take them for vaccination.

Employees cooperate. So there is no confusion. Citizens have expressed satisfaction that an ideal vaccination campaign is underway. The employees are also working happily as the citizens are not making a fuss.

“Our main goal is that everyone should get vaccinated on time and with caution. The date is reported through social media platforms and their token number is registered. Citizens are responding to this system and a timely vaccination is conducted.”

- Priyanka Pawar, Health Officer

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