Use helmet else face non-cooperation

Drive from Bhaubeej
Use helmet else face non-cooperation

NASHIK: While the No Helmet, No Petrol campaign is getting good response, City Police Commissioner Deepak Pandey has decided to go one step ahead by launching the ‘No Helmet, No Cooperation’ campaign from Bhaubeej during Diwali festival. An order has also been passed in this regard. The order states that the campaign will be implemented on Diwali from Bhaubeej, November 6.

Under the campaign, every school, college, university, private class, all parking lots, industrial estates, government offices, municipal councils, corporations, Zilla Parishads and cantonment premises and all other government and semi-government offices will no longer have access without a helmet. The 'No Helmet, No Petrol' campaign was launched in the city on the eve of Independence Day.

The campaign did not provide petrol to those without helmets. Police were also deployed at the pumps to ensure effective implementation of the order. The number of helmet users in the city has also increased due to regular inspection of CCTV cameras at the pumps and strict adherence to these regulations.

At all the government and semi-government offices within the limits of the city police commissioner as well as schools, colleges, universities, private classes, all parking lots etc, an individual biker will no longer be allowed to enter without helmet on the ground that the biker is flouting the rule.

Use a helmet; Avoid action

The No Helmet, No Petrol campaign is getting a good response. The number of people wearing helmets is increasing as petrol is not being given to two-wheeler riders those without helmets. While this picture is reassuring to prevent deaths in road accidents, helmet enforcement is also required in government, semi-government offices, schools, colleges and other places for citizens to wear helmet. These orders will come into force from November 6. - Deepak Pandey, Commissioner of Police, Nashik

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