Use Darna water carefully, it’s summertime

Manmad water crises
Manmad water crises

DEOLALI CAMP: Drinking water has been released from the Darna dam for various establishments and domestic usage between Nashik Road and Lahvit. On this backdrop, various organizations in the vicinity have appealed to people to use water wisely till the next rotation is implemented as the chances of drought are high this year.

Even though there is a reserve water stock for the military and the 50,000-strong population of Deolali, it needs to be used properly. Evaporation occurs when water gets released to other parts, as well as the water is pumped by farmers from villages in the Darna river basin. Considering this, it is not possible to guarantee whether the water supply of Deolali and the military establishment will be fully available or not.

The water supply was disrupted last month due to technical difficulties. Due to the ongoing cycle, the city is being supplied with abundant water once a day. The board administration has already signaled legal action against those who indulge in wastage of water. As summer arrives, average household water consumption more than doubles, mostly due to landscape irrigation, clothes, car washes, etc.

It should be curbed in time. Until the water cycle is released in May, the military storage dam will be a lifeline for Deolalites till then. The water will get stored in a dam built by the army in the Darna river basin. Since this water is to be used for the next fortnight, it needs to be planned from now on. The military establishment has already taken precautionary measures to save water.

The board administration should also take this matter as a priority and start planning from now on. Both the organizations are responsible for supplying water from the dam till the end of May and the citizens will also be involved in it. It is illegal to use drinking water for washing clothes or vehicles. Apart from this, various ongoing constructions which require a huge water supply also need to be temporarily stopped till the arrival of the monsoon.

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