Untreated sewage water to be reused

Godavari River
Untreated sewage water to be reused

NASHIK: Nashik Municipal Commissioner and Administrator Ramesh Pawar has entrusted the responsibility to NMC Deputy Commissioner Shivaji Chavanke to conduct research and study on how the untreated sewage water can be reused and prevent discharge of the polluted water into the Godavari River. Pawar will take further action after receiving the report. The issue of sewage water mixing in river water will be solved once it is put to reuse. The action will also aid in reducing the pollution levels in the Godavari River.

The sewage discharge in the river has polluted the river severely. Nashik is infamous in the whole country among devotees and tourists due to the rising pollution level. Therefore, the administrator held a meeting of department heads yesterday. Accordingly, he directed the Chavanke to construct a plan of transporting the sewage water to MIDC for reuse instead of discharging it in the Godavari river basin.

18 MLD to be reused

About 18 MLD of sewage water is discharged from the Godavari STP area in the Godavari River. Farmers are reluctant to use this polluted water as it contains detergent chemicals and other toxic effluents. Once the water is treated in MIDC premises, farmers will be willing to use the water.

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