Untreated sewage discharge creating problems for villagers

Untreated sewage discharge creating problems for villagers

DEOLALI CAMP: The untreated sewage from ‘Jamal ka pul' nalla and Anand road’s nallas enters directly into the Darna river and creates severe problems for the Sansari residents. The affluents enter the river directly, and that too, into the river’s patch near the village.

The residents are facing a tough time as the polluted water leads to health hazards, and the residents are being deprived of basic facilities like clean drinking water. The Cantonment Board of Deolali needs to take immediate action to protect the residents’ health and save the river from pollutants.

Shekhar Godse, Deputy Sarpanch of Gram Panchayat, had put forth the demand for sewage treatment in front of the board. However, his request fell on deaf ears as the board didn’t fulfill their promise. During his visit, the board assured him that they will stop the direct sewage discharge into the river. However, the scenario hasn’t changed.

From bathing to drinking water, the residents need to compromise on the water quality since a very long time. The Gram Panchayat had set up a water purifier worth Rs.1,16,000 for better water quality. However, due to the excessive pollution level, even the water colour of the purified water remains brown. “I have submitted a letter to the board, and they said they will stop the direct discharge, but the situation remains the same. We are being deprived of the basic necessity i.e., purified water." - Shekhar Godse, Deputy Sarpanch, Sansari Gram Panchayat

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