Unseasonal rains damage crops in district

Farmers, milk producers worried
Unseasonal rains damage crops in district

Nashik: The unseasonal rains in different parts of the district for the past few days have damaged crops. These unexpected showers caused huge financial losses and farmers in Ghoti, Igatpuri and Wadivhare, Dindori, Trimbakeshwar and other parts in district.

The farmers are worried for their crops and fodder. Currently, the farmers in district have cultivated vegetable crops, grapes, wheat, gram, groundnut, tomato, millet and other rabi crops. It is also estimated that the stored fodders has been severely damaged.

Due to the inflow of water in the grape farms, the crop is likely to be affected and diseases have been reported on the fruits in some parts.The rains have damaged the stored fodder, which is used to buy expensive fodder for the animals.

Therefore, farmers are worried due to sudden rains. The cultivation and pre-planting cultivation activities are in full swing in district. Some farmers have sown pulses as the market committees have not been restored as before due to Covid-19. The crops are also seeing frequent diseases due to changing weather conditions.

The changing environment has raised a question in front of us. With usual spraying to protect crops, new medicines have to be brought and sprayed due to changing weather. Efforts have to be made to save the crop which is almost ready for harvesting. We have to work day and night with all the members of the family to protect the standing crop

.- Yogesh Bhosale, farmer, Dhamani

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