UGC to introduce blended teaching in universities, colleges

UGC to introduce blended teaching in
universities, colleges

NASHIK: The University Grants Commission has recommended higher educational institutions to adopt blended teaching methods (online and offline). Against the backdrop of the New Education Policy, the UGC has drafted guidelines for blended teaching methods through an expert committee.

UGC Secretary Prof. Rajneesh Jain has provided a draft of these guidelines. The draft provides information on open source websites abroad, websites for online education, websites for prescribed methods of examination, necessary software, minimum and expected facilities. It’s not just a mix of online learning and actual learning, the guidelines state that the combination of the two methods is a meaningful action.

IPSIT is a proposed model for shared learning. It’s a blended mode of teaching and learning concept. This model includes student-centric activities for finding resources for education, providing resources to students, providing necessary assistance to students, identifying and eliminating errors in teaching and learning, and testing.

Blended learning methods are important for learning the skills needed in the 21st century and need to be carefully implemented. The new education policy recommends the use of digital technology in teaching and learning at all levels of higher education.

The need to think differently for evaluation has also been expressed due to the blended method of study teaching. For this, universities and colleges should encourage continuous comprehensive assessment. Methods like Open Book Exam, Group Exam, Oral Exam, Demand Exam, Online Quiz can be used.

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