Two-year-old tests positive for Covid-19

Isolated at primary school
Two-year-old tests positive for Covid-19

DEOLALI CAMP: A two-year-old girl has been tested positive for Covid-19 in Deolali Camp and is being kept under isolation at the Cantonment Board Primary School. The school was converted into an isolation centre, citing an increasing number of Covid-19 cases in Deolali Camp. Even though the girl’s condition is stable, the case proves that everyone is equally at risk. Therefore, people of all age groups need to be safe and stay at home.

Dr. Jayashree Natesh, while speaking about the case, stated that this is not the first time a child has got infected with Covid-19. Deolali has witnessed two to three child cases prior to this case. She added the only solution for everyone is to get vaccinated. While getting vaccinated, make sure to maintain distance from others. If people start crowding the vaccination centres, the centre will become a Covid-19 hotspot.

If anybody feels their body is acting slightly different from normal, do not go to the vaccination centre as the person might infect others. If someone has been in close proximity with a Covid-19 patient, get the rapid antigen test done before visiting the vaccination centre. As the aerosols are present in the air, the chances of people getting infected by a patient in close proximity are high.

For the third wave, the Cantonment General Hospital hasn’t received special directives from the authorities. The hospital is preparing to increase the number of oxygen beds, and a plan to set up an oxygen plant at the hospital is underway. Speaking of facilities for children, the Cantonment Hospitals will need paediatricians and specialists if the number of child cases increases.

“We are planning to increase the number of oxygen beds from 30 to 50. A paediatrician is already in service at the hospital. The board will hire more if there is an additional requirement of specialists for children.” – Ajay Kumar, CEO, Cantonment Board of Deolali

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