Two trekkers die at Shendi Sulaka

Two trekkers die at Shendi Sulaka

NASHIK: The incident took place in Katarwadi area when two young climbers, Amol Wagh and Mayur Mhaske resident of Ahmednagar died after falling from the Shendi Sulaka or Cone while climbing. A sudden death has been registered at Chandwad police station in this regard.

A team of 15 members of Indraprastha Mountaineering Group from Ahmednagar had come to climb Shendi Sulaka in Katarwadi area near Manmad. It included 8 girls and 7 boys. Initially, climbers Amol Wagh and Mayur Mhaske tied a rope and went to the top of the hill. Then, 13 others climbed up. In the evening, 13 people descended. Eventually, climbers Amol Wagh and Mayur Mhaske were coming down when a nail slipped off the rope and they both fell down and died on the spot.

Those who were with them shouted for help when they saw the two falling from the ridge, but their voices could not reach the village below because of the height of the mountain. However, after seeing their gestures, the villagers realised that something had happened. The villagers went up, including Sanghmitra Sansare, Tushar Bidgar, Amol Zhalte, Vijay Sansare, Rishi Gunjal, Kiran Zhalte and others.

They picked up the fallen climbers and brought down the bodies of the two. Everyone was terrified. The villagers of Katarwadi patiently brought everyone to the village temple. The bodies of the two were brought to Manmad Sub-District Hospital.

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