Two farmers electrocuted in Nashik
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Two farmers electrocuted in Nashik

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


Two farmers were killed and another one was injured at Meshi village in Deola taluka of the district on Saturday.
According to Deola police, the deceased identified as Sandeep Nanaji shirsath (30) and Bhushan alias Manoj Ramesh Shirsath (22). The farmer, Sandeep Shirsath, had gone to start an electronic motor at the well to provide water to the onion. Sandip was hit by lightning as lightning struck the motor box. Seeing Sandeep getting rid of the box, Bhushan looked at the neighbor who was working in the field.

Bhushan looked at the neighbor who was working in the field Bhushan then rushed to Sandeep’s help. Bhushan was also hit by electric when he tried to pull Sandeep from the box, but he also getting electric shock.
Sandeep’s mother Shobhabai went to call Shrijaril Krishnaji after seeing that both of them were outlawed. After Krishna came to his aid, he too was thrown away due to a shock of electric. Therefore, Krishnaji saved from the incident.
At this time Shobhabai shouted, the neighboring farmers rushed to spot and stopped the flow of electricity. All three were admitted to the primary health center at Meshi for treatment. However, as Sandeep and Bhushan were in critical condition, they were shifted to a rural hospital in Deola.

Medical officers at Deola declared him dead and Krishnaji was admitted to a private clinic in Malegaon for further treatment. Medical sources said Krishnaji’s condition was improving. Deola police registered complaint as sudden death and further investigation is on.