Trimbakeshwar to get its own APMC
Deshdoot Times

Trimbakeshwar to get its own APMC

Nikheel Pardeshi

NASHIK: Bowing to frequent demands raised by farmers and traders for a new agricultural produce sub-market committee in the tribal-dominated Trimbakeshwar taluka, the Nashik Agricultural Produce Market Committee (Nashik APMC) has now extended its full co-operation to this new venture of setting up of an independent, modern sub-market committee for the convenience of farmers and traders.

“Daily Deshdoot has from time to time stood firmly by the farmers on multifarious issues which have been a cause of concern for farmers in the region. Initially an estimated fund worth Rs 7 crore will be spent on the setting up of a sub-market committee.

A tender has also been issued by the Nashik APMC to start the work at the earliest,” apprised sitting APMC vice-chairman Yuvraj Kothule, who strongly supported to such a demand, further adding that additional fund of Rs 2 crore has been kept reserve for a compound work and a new office building at Harsul.

A fully modern sub-market committee for Trimbakeshwar has been a long standing demand of the farmers in the region who frequently have been the victim of nature’s fury. Former director Sampat Sakale, Suresh Gangaputra and Muralidhar Patil had raised the demand from time to time during their tenure.

Trimbak-Javhar square, opposite Dakshin-Mukhi Hanuman temple, the sources said. Major crops of paddy, nagli and varai are produced in the tribal-dominated Trimbak taluka.

In between the time, due to Gautami Godavari dam, Vaitarna dam and other water bodies and various govt-sponsored irrigation schemes, farmers in the area inclined towards modern way of farming by emphasizing more on vegetables and horticultural crops from the traditional and conventional farming patterns.

On account of non-availability of an independent APMC, farmers and traders had to transport their agricultural produce to their nearest Nashik APMC which has, unfortunately, been very time consuming, cost effective and inconvenient for the farmers in the region.

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