Tribal self-help groups to become financially independent

Integrated Poultry Scheme
Tribal self-help groups to become financially independent

NASHIK: The Integrated Poultry Scheme of the tribal development department will be important for creating employment opportunities in rural tribal areas. Through this scheme, tribal self-help groups will get financial independence. Nashik, Rajur, Kalvan, Nandurbar, Taloda, Dhule, Shahapur and Pen project offices have been identified for this scheme. Various schemes are implemented by the tribal development department for the benefit of the tribals living in different parts of the state.

Since agriculture is rain-fed, there is no guarantee of a fixed income. Therefore, poultry farming is a great alternative to agriculture in tribal areas. Against this backdrop, the tribal development department has decided to implement an integrated poultry scheme.

The main objective is to finance the poultry business commercially through an integrated poultry scheme for tribal self-help groups. The scheme will provide financial assistance for the construction of sheds to eligible self-help groups along with small birds, animal feed and essential materials. Beneficiary self-help group will get a grant of Rs 5.25 lakh. Training will be imparted for vaccination, rearing and management of birds.

All the members of the self-help group should be from the scheduled tribes, the bank account of the self-help group should be in operation, all the necessary documents mentioned in the ruling and the register guarantee of all the members of the self-help group should be complete.

"The integrated poultry scheme will be contracted with reputed companies in this business. The scheme seeks to provide financial stability to tribal selfhelp groups. Contact the concerned project offices for more information and application for this scheme." - Hiralal Sonawane, Commissioner, tribal development dept

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