Trees, old structures collapsing in city

NMC continues paper job with notices
Trees, old structures collapsing in city

NASHIK: The city has been receiving torrential rains for the past three days. As a result, the incidents of collapsing of walls of wadas in the old Nashik area have resumed. With this, old structure and trees are also falling in different parts of city.

The municipal administration has issued notices as usual, but as no concrete decision has been taken, hundreds of dangerous houses are still in the same condition. In the last two days, some parts of three old houses have collapsed in Nashik area. Fortunately, no casualties were reported. On Friday, the wall of a house on Rani Bagwanpura Road collapsed in an open space next to it. Part of the walls also collapsed on the road.

Luckily due to the heavy rain, there was no one in the open space or on the road at that time so the accident was avoided. Residents also moved to other places in the house after the wall collapsed. There have been three incidents of a house collapsing in one day. So the question of old dangerous wadas and houses has come up again. There were three incidents of parts of dangerous houses collapsing. Two of the houses are permanently closed, while one is occupied by residents. The gallery of Momin Wada’s house here collapsed, which is also permanently closed.

The municipality has taken only one stand to issue notices, but the issue of hundreds of dangerous houses in the city has not been resolved permanently. This is causing resentment among the citizens. Meanwhile, in many places in Nashik area, the walls of dangerous houses are still likely to fall.

Therefore, the municipal administration should work out an immediate action plan so that there is no loss of life and property.

Tree falls on four-wheeler

A huge part of Gulmohar tree fell on a four-wheeler at Chandak Circle, causing damage to the vehicle, but fortunately no casualties were reported. A large branch of Gulmohar tree fell on a Tempo Tracks vehicle parked near Chandak Circle at around 7 pm while it was raining all day. New Nashik Fire Brigade personnel Kantilal Pawar, Sanjay Gadekar, Somnath Shinde and driver Ismail Qazi worked hard to remove the tree branch and remove the traffic jam on the road.

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