Trauma Care Centre crumbling in Igatpuri

Waiting for electricity, lift for last three years
Trauma Care Centre crumbling in Igatpuri

NASHIK: For the last three years, the government has been constructing a trauma care building near the rural hospital at Igatpuri to provide immediate treatment to the accident victims on the IgatpuriMumbai highway and in Kasara Ghat. But it is still awaiting inauguration. Many accident victims have to be taken to Nashik District Hospital for treatment. It takes time to reach the district hospital.

As a result, many injured people have lost their lives. Trauma care hospitals have been started in six tehsils of Nashik district. As no people’s representative of the Igatpuri has paid attention to trauma care which has been constructed at a cost of rupees two crores at Igatpuri taluka. Importantly, in the event of emergency fire, there are no preventative measures. Its permission is stuck in the red tape.

All the work including the painting of this building has been completed. During the last Corona period, when the number of patients increased, 30 beds became available and many patients could be treated here. But now the building is crumbling. Over the past few years, the administration has recruited medical officers, including an orthopaedic surgeon, two anesthesiologists, two M B. B. S. doctors, five medical officers have been appointed.

Thirty to forty patients can be treated at the Trauma Care Hospital, which has a nursing staff of three. But there is no electricity for the operation table and the operation room. Also, the important work of the lift is incomplete. There is also a demand to complete the unfinished work of the waiting room for patients and their accompanying relatives.

"There are beds for at least 30 to 40 patients. This trauma care centre can be a boon for the injured if they get expert doctors who treat 16 to 20 types of major ailments. For the last several days, we have been in correspondence with the Public Works Department to complete the unfinished work of Drama Care." - Dr. Swaroopa Deore, Superintendent, Rural Hospital, Igatpuri

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