Transplantation of tree costlier and not feasible
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Transplantation of tree costlier and not feasible

Nikheel Pardeshi

Nashik: In a meeting last Friday the Tree Authority of Nashik Municipal Corporation has decided to transplant 63 trees of different species mainly with the Ficus genus. The Bombay High Court has ruled that the tree of Ficus genes cannot be cut down without their permission. The High Court has given such permission in rarest cases.

Accordingly, the NMC has decided to float a tender for transplanting the trees.  The corporation has decided to transplant 29 Chandan or Sandalwood trees which are a hurdle in construction of a drama theatre at Nashik Road,  eight banyan trees and one Mahua tree from Datta Mandir to Dwarka Signal road stretch, 11 trees from Zilha Parishad Bhavan and 14 trees as per the suggestions of the Nashik City Traffic Police, as they are a hurdle in traffic.

The official from Garden Department, Mahesh Tiwari informed, “The apex body has already tried its hand in the transplantation of trees. During Simhastha Kumbh the corporation built roads of about 105 km. In that, they transplanted around 150 to 200 trees which included banyan trees, coconut trees and other trees of ficus species. The ration was very good we saved many trees through that.”

The Superintendent of the Garden Department Shivaji Amale, informed, “The Corporation will invite tenders for the process. The Chandan trees will be transplanted by the NMC. The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has also promised to help the NMC in process.

The company whoever takes the contract will have to take care of the tree for the next three years. If the tree dies, necessary actions will be taken against him.”  He also accepted that the cost of transplanting and ration of living of the trees is less. In that cost, the corporation can plant about 1,000 samplings. But the corporation has to follow the order of the High Court.

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