Traffic snarls, rampant encroachments encircled Sarda Circle
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Traffic snarls, rampant encroachments encircled Sarda Circle

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


An all-important Sarda Circle square lying between trader-friendly Shalimar Chowk and traffic-congested Dwarka point in the city is now stuck and surrounded by unabated encroachments, rampant traffic jams and unplanned parking spaces.

Witnessing a 24-hour rush, this crucial square has become a cause for concern not only pedestrians but also commuters due to rampant traffic congestions.  Touted as the centre point for vehicular traffic from sides of Nashik Road-Pune highway, Dwarka, Wadala, Bhadrakali, Mumbai Naka, Gadkari Chowk, Shalimar and CBS, the Sarda Circle square easily connects itself with all these important places.

On one side, it connects to Shalimar and CBS, on the other side it brings connectivity to Dwarka and an all-important Nashik Road and Nashik-Pune highway, while it also helps travellers to proceed to Gadkari Chowk, Bhadrakali, Mumbai Naka and Wadala very easily and conveniently.

However, all the major routes leading to this square are abundant with shops and rampant road-side parking of vehicles. The road towards Gadkari Chowk is occupied with the majority of shops of car decors and service centres while a road towards Bhadrakali is occupied by hotels and towards Wadala with milk vendors and foodstuffs shops.

It is necessary to remove encroachments, assign parking lots and deploy full-time traffic cops to regularise traffic for a smooth transition. On the stretch between Shalimar and Sarda Circle, there are a number of shops all along the road which do not have their own parking facility in place.

This issue needs to be addressed on a priority basis. The heavy rush of traffic particularly from 9 am to 11 am in the morning and from 7 pm to 10 pm in the evening, also needs to curbed through preventive measures to remove traffic bottlenecks.

Rajesh Yadav, an autorickshaw owner and frequent traveller from the area said that rampant traffic jams at the busy Sarda Circle square have become usual scenarios being witnessed daily. The traffic police while solving traffic congestion at Dwarka point, however, is overlooking centre-point Sarda Circle.

Anwar Sayyad, a trader from the locality sought concrete measures to curb uncontrolled traffic congestion in the area besides curb on rash driving by rickshaw drivers, removal of encroachments which included road-side vehicle parking.