Traffic rules, disciplined driving are key to safer traffic

Traffic rules, disciplined driving are key to safer traffic


Vehicle users waiting at the junctions do not wait for the signal to turn green and move even if it shows red. This results in a mess up with other vehicles coming in the opposite direction causing accidents. “It is a common sight in traffic signals as motorists fight after jumping the signal”, said Rajesh Patil, a motorist. “At many signals, vehicle users continue to cross the junction even after the signal has turned red. “They don’t even wait after the signal changes to yellow”, he added.

Though the biggest offenders are two-wheelers and bus drivers, other road users waiting at the signals are also forced to violate the rules and keep moving along with others. “If I follow the rules and wait at the signal, violator’s vehicle will hit me”, said a senior citizen. He said that merely charging a fine for violators is insufficient and said that signal jumping is a major cause for accidents.

At present, there is an increase in the number of jumping signals in violation of the traffic rules at all signals in the city, and the question arises as to when these unruly drivers will be disciplined.

Earlier, traffic police were constantly seen on the signals in Nashik. In two places, Ganjmal Signal and Nagji Signal, reckless drivers were seen on a large scale. Because of this, the number of reckless drivers has reduced after the deployment of traffic police here a few months ago. However, now due to the shortage of traffic police, the cases of jumping red signals are constantly on the rise.

Apart from this, traffic police are always seen at CBS, Meher, and Kathe Galli in Nashik and Datta Mandir, and Bytco Point in Nashik Road in the city, so motorists are seen following the signal rules. But traffic police are rarely seen on other signals in the city.

Experts are of the opinion that the police strength currently under the Commissionerate is less in terms of population and an increasing number of vehicles. Although it is true that the traffic police deployed on the signals are insufficient in numbers to prevent incidences of signal jumping, the question arises as to who will stop the indiscipline driving on the signal.

When one signal is on, there is a high possibility of an accident due to the rash driver coming from the signal on the other side. Drivers also need to recognize their moral responsibility towards society and obey traffic rules.

In Nashik, various social organisations are conducting various activities for the citizens to follow the traffic rules. The then Commissioner of Police Deepak Pandey had made helmets mandatory for two-wheeler drivers. The inspection by the traffic police shows that the helmet compulsion rule has been in force during the current tenure of Police Commissioner Jayant Naiknavare. But there is no doubt that if there are permanent traffic police on the signal then unruly drivers will be forced to follow the traffic rules.

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