Traffic congestion a regular scene at RK

Traffic congestion a regular scene at RK

Nashik: Traffic congestion is a regular phenomenon at Ravivar Karanja (RK) which is considered the main market of the city. Ravivar Karanja is among the main chowks in the city.

All the routes heading to Main Road, Gangapur Road, CBS, route heading to Panchavati from CBS via pass through this chowk. As a result, the chowk is witnessing a rush of city buses, trucks carrying goods of businessmen, vehicles of pilgrims. In addition, there is a rush of Nashikites during every festival to buy related items.

The high number of vendors here is a principal reason behind traffic congestion here. Fruit and vegetable sellers sit at east and southern sides of the chowk, while milk and Pani Puri sellers set up their stall at west corner in evening.
Auto rickshaws are seen parked at all four corners of the chowk.

During diwali, Gudhi Padwa, naratrotsav, Dasara, Ganeshotsav and other festivals, it is difficult for people to walk there. As the route heading to Panchavati is narrow and two-way, traffic congestion is seen between Ravivar Chowk to Ahilyabai Holkar Chowk, stated businessmen here.

Issue of vehicle parking is critical
There is a lord Ganesh temple in Ravivar Karanja Chowk. Devotees gather here to attend prayer in morning and evening. The rush of devotees is seen on the day Sankasta Chaturthi. ong queues are seen outside the temple on the occasion. As there is no facility of vehicle parking, devotees park their vehicles on road, leading to traffic congestion.

If auto rickshaws are parked here in a disciplined way, traffic congestion will be decongested on a large scale. In addition, measures should be taken against those two-wheeler and other vehicles drivers who have parked their vehicles anywhere.
                                                                                                                                   – Sanjay Sanap, businessman
As buyers park their vehicles on the road, there is an obstruction to traffic here. If the parking issue is solved, all the problems will be cleared.
                                                                                                                              – Ramesh Kothari, businessman

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