Tourists stranded in Malaysia return home

Tourists stranded in Malaysia return home


Due to a travel agent’s scam, 15 tourists from Nashik were stuck in Malaysia. All of them have safely returned home, thanks to the efforts of MPHemant Godse.

Considering the plight of the Nashikites who were stuck aborad, Godse corresponded with Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar and the Malaysian Embassy administration and brought 15 tourists back home safely from the custody of the Malaysian police. When the tourists who returned home came to meet Godse at his office, they got very emotional.

Godse interacted with the tourists and explained that he had not done anything out of his way, it is part of his duty to help them and was happy that they have returned home safely. Subhash Ohle, Meenakshi Ohale, Arun Bhadrange, Shantabai Bhadrange, Dhanaji Jadhav, Sunil Mhatre, Sanjeevani Mhatre, Ashok Bhalerao, Vimal Bhalerao, Manda Gaikwad, Vrushali Gaikwad, Pravin Numale, Draupadi Jadhav, Indubai Roopwate had booked a tour of Malaysia through an agent of a travel company in the city.

The agent had gone to Hyderabad from Nashik with the above tourists. The visa work of 4 out of 19 people was incomplete. However he told them to go ahead and he would reach Malaysia with four people in the evening. The agent put fifteen tourists on a flight to Malaysia. Even after a day passed, the agent did not reach Malaysia and there was no contact with him, creating an atmosphere of anxiety among the tourists. Doubts arose in the minds of the police as the tourists did not give proper answers to their questions. The police seized their passports and quarantined them.

As soon as the relatives of the tourists in Nashik came to know about the incident, they immediately contacted Hemant Godse. Realising the seriousness of the incident, Godse immediately wrote a letter to the foreign minister S.Jaishankar and informed him about tourists stuck in Malaysia. Taking note of Godse’s letter, Jaishankar informed the Malaysian Embassy about the incident.

The tourists were trapped due to the fraud of the travel agent and authorities were ordered to immediately return their confiscated passports and send them back to India. After that, the Malaysian police returned their passports and put them on a flight to Hyderabad and sent them home. All the tourists reached Nashik safely.

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