Tourists flock forts amid corona concerns
TouristTourists flock forts amid corona concerns

Tourists flock forts amid corona concerns

* Flout rules * Demand for punitive action


Irrespective of certain restrictions amid rising coronavirus cases, many tourist places and historic forts in the district are being flocked by tourists especially during the weekend to enjoy scenic beauty in this the monsoon season. Over the last four months, several tourist places in the district, including the state, have been witnessing stricter restrictions.

However, Ignoring the warning and the rules, many forts in the district are seen crowded with tourists. Local caretakers of the forts have been raising question of violation of the rules, demanding prohibition of entry for the tourists visiting the spots.

As it is rainy days, many tourist places have become centre of attraction. Visits to these tourist spots are already prohibited to prevent the spread of corona. But amateur tourists are seen crowding the forts, trampling on the rules.

Shivakarya Gadkot Samvardhan Sanstha, which works for the conservation of forts, has demanded that administration should immediately pay attention to this as a large number of citizens have been flocking the forts on Saturdays and Sundays, especially, historic forts of Hatgad and Ramshej in the district including Harihar garh are witnessing a heavy rush of enthusiasts.

Many times, despite the ban, tourists risk their lives to enjoy the rainy season. This year, in the wake of increasing COVID-19 cases, district administration may likely to ban tourism at places where rules are being flouted.In several parts of the state also situation is no different.

Tourist spots recently witnessed people travelling to enjoy the rainy spell amid the coronavirus fear. This has prompted the administration to cordoned off the area especially on the weekends when tourists flock tourist spots in huge numbers.

As per the government orders, forest areas, including historic forts and religious spots are prohibited for visitors. Therefore, awareness campaigning of various fort conservation organisations on forts in various parts of the district has also been suspended due to this ban. But since tourists are going to the forts by violating the rules, precautionary measures, therefore should be taken.
- Ram Khurdal, Shivakarya Gadkot Durg Samvardhan Sanstha
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