Toukate to hit between May 19 to 21

Cyclone forming in western seas of Kerala
Toukate to hit between May 19 to 21

NASHIK: On June 3 last year, a cyclone hit the west coast of Mumbai and Maharashtra. The cyclone was called Nisarg. Now about fifteen to seventeen days earlier this year, a cyclone is expected to hit the Kerala coast. According to a satellite image sent by INSAT at 2 pm on May 12, a cyclonic low pressure area has formed over almost the entire Arabian Sea, centered in the western seas of Kerala.

It will start turning into a cyclone and on May 15, it will turn into a hurricane and will hit the west coast of Kerala first. At this time its speed will be close to fifty km per hour. Given its current range, pressure, velocity, and direction, the hurricane is unlikely to subside immediately.

It is expected that on May 16th, when the entire Kerala, Lakshadweep and Maldives will witness heavy raining on the coast, it will move northwards towards the Konkan coast. After its arrival at Mumbai and after it rains on Mumbai, its route will shift westwards to Gujarat and on May 22 it will hit Karachi on the south coast of Pakistan. It is expected to hit Mumbai and coastal area of Maharashtra on May 20.

"Overall, the hurricane has arrived in the Arabian Sea earlier this year than last year. This hurricane is going to be named as Toukate. The name is suggested by Myanmar." - Srinivas Aundhkar, Director, MGM APJ Abdul Kalam Astronomical Science Center Aurangabad

Last year, the cyclone Nisarg hit Nashik city hard and broke the highest rainfall record of past 80 years. The city witnessed 144.2 milimeter of rainfall in a single downpour. Around 80 years back, On June 25, 1940,Nashik recorded rainfall of 110.5 mm rainfall. However, the record of 80 years before was broken by the rains at that time. The new records were set by wooping 144.2 mm rainfall on June 3rd, 2020 which was carried by cyclone Nisarg.
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