Time to destroy nylon manja
Deshdoot Times

Time to destroy nylon manja

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


There is an increase in usage of nylon Manja for kite flying for the last some years, However, it is creating harm to the lives of the human being as well as birds.  Many received serious injuries, while many lost their lives. Considering this it is a time to destroy the nylon Manja.

There are other options available in the market for this Manja. It is an age-old tradition to fly kite on the occasion of the Makar Sankranti festival. However, with time the way of kite flying has been changed a little.

The form and size of kites have been changed. The form of the Manja has also been changed.
Nylon Manja and the Manja having a layer of glass are used to cut kite of others. Two-wheeler riders, doctors and women lost their lives after a stray nylon Manja thread slit their throat, causing a deep cut.

If information about the sale of nylon manja is given to local police, many human lives and birds can be saved. Though the administration has imposed a ban on usage, manufacture and sale of nylon Manja in the state and Nashik district, it is sold secretly.

Appeal by Deshdoot Times

Deshdoot Times is appealing to avoid usage of dangerous nylon Manja considering a danger to two-wheeler riders and birds. Refrain those who are using it. It is needed to create awareness among youth about the harmful effects of nylon manja.

The city, as well as rural police last year, acted against those shopkeepers selling nylon manja and filed cases against them. They also seized nylon manja worth lakhs of rupees. Its sale and manufacture have also been banned this year too. Police will file cases against those who will sell and use the nylon manja.