Three forest reserves may get sanctuary status

Anjaneri, Mamdapur, Borgad reserved forests to be surveyed next month
Three forest reserves may get sanctuary status
P.C: Nature Conservation Society, Nashik

NASHIK: Anjaneri is known as a home and endemic habitat for endangered vultures. Mamdapur Antelope Conservation area is also famous for its wildlife, including grasslands. Nature lovers say that if Borgad gets sanctuary status, along with these forests, the biodiversity here will get real protection. Post Diwali, a sub-committee has been constituted as per the order of the State Wildlife Board.

Anjaneri reserve forest area, known as the home of long beaked and white-backed vultures, along with many rare medicinal plants like Kandilpushpa, is also a famous forest tourist destination of Nashik. Similarly, natural habitat with a nutritious and conducive environment for antelopes is provided at the conservation reserve.

The area is known as Mamdapur Conservation Forest. Both these forests are known as the natural splendor of Nashik. The study tour can be done as soon as the process of declaring this forest area as a sanctuary begins. The sub-committee appointed for this purpose has started its work, and a study tour will be conducted soon. Nashik, Jalgaon Nandurbar’s Deputy Forest Conservator, and Honorary Wildlife Ranger are members of this committee. Vishwas Katdare and Rohidas Dagle are two non-governmental members of the board.

A study has also been started on which villages should be included in the sanctuary. A report in this regard will be sent to the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests in three months. After that, the final decision on the quality of the sanctuary will be taken.

Permission from the department will be required before carrying out any development work in the area of an eco-sensitive zone. The sanctuary area has strict regulations under the Forest and Wildlife Act, and once Anjaneri is granted sanctuary status, the other hills in the perimeter will also be able to enjoy strong protection of the law.

As per the decision of the State Wildlife Board, a sub-committee has been constituted to give sanctuary status to Anjaneri, Mamdapur, Muktai Bhavani, Toranmal, and Borgad conservation areas. The committee is chaired by Nitin Gudge, Chief Conservator of Forests, Nashik.

"A sub-committee has been constituted as per the order of the Wildlife Board to declare reserved forests as sanctuaries. A meeting was also called recently. Anjaneri is in Nashik West and Mamdapur and Borgad are in Nashik East. A study tour will be conducted to give sanctuary status to these forests. After that, the report will be ready." - Tushar Chavan, Dy Conservator of Forests and Member Secy, Sub-Committee

Four sanctuaries will be in district

At present, Nandur Madhyameshwar is the only sanctuary in Niphad taluka of Nashik district. If Anjaneri, Rav Borgad reserved forests get Mamdapur and sanctuary status, four sanctuaries will come into existence in Nashik district. Of these, Anjaneri and Borgad are both located only 20 km from the city. Therefore, two sanctuaries will be near the city.

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