These routes shall remain closed for smart city work

These routes shall remain closed for smart city work

NASHIK: While Nashikites are already fed up with the ‘smart’ work of the Smart City, an ordinance has been issued by Commissioner of Police Deepak Pandey to close the traffic and declare No Parking Zone on 09 to 10 routes of the city for 90 days. Looking at past experience, residents have raised the question whether Smart City will complete work in these 90 days.

Under the Smart City, underground cable lines will be laid in various parts of Nashik city. For this, the Smart City administration has informed the Police Commissioner’s Office about the working methodology. According to the report of the Traffic Department, Commissioner Pandey has declared some of the 10 routes closed and some routes as no parking zones. As a result of this, citizens, daily commuters will have to face traffic congestion for the next 90 days.

In particular, there will be restrictions on the busy Main Road in the city i.e., Ravivar Karanja up to Gadge Maharaj statue. There will be a one-way traffic from Ravivar Karanja to Main Road till August 11, 2022. Vehicle owners will have to use alternative routes.

Meanwhile, CP Pandey has notified every route in this regard and the Smart City will be held responsible in case of any untoward incident. Safety precautions should be taken on those routes before starting work. Install radium and notice boards. The order states that four wardens should be appointed in each place.

No Entry/No Parking Zones:

  • The route from Shanta Park to Deshdoot office will remain opened. However, there will be ‘no parking’ on both sides of the road for the next 90 days.

  • The route from Malviya Chowk to Ramkund will be closed. Vehicle owners can have access from Panchavati Karanja to Dhikale Library and from there onwards. Shalimar Chowk to Ganjamal Signal will remain closed till July 12. Use an alternative route.

  • One way traffic from Rahane Mill in Bhadrakali to Iqbal Hotel till 12 June 2022. Entry from Iqbal Hotel will be closed.

  • One way traffic from Rahane Mill to Pinjarghat Road. Until June 12 there will be a one-way traffic from the Mill side.

  • ‘No Parking Zone’ declared from Chandwadkar Ice Factory to Red Cross till June 12.

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