The green leafy @205

The green leafy @205

NASHIK: While it decorates the meal and gives taste to the dish prepared and it is a favourite of every cook and chef, added for a dash of colour, the coriander, which every day has more of a decorative use, has become a talk of every household with the leafy accompaniment being sold at Rs 20,500 for 100 bunches. The shocking rise in the price of coriander was marked on Monday evening at the wholesale market yard of APMC, Nashik.

The market committee sees leafy vegetables’ sale in bulk when farmers from Mhasrul, Makhmalabad, Dari, Manori, Mungsara, Girnare, Govardhan, Dugav, Dhondegaon, Sinnar, Niphad, Dindori, Peth, Trimbakeshwar, and also from Khed and Manchar bring brunches of leafy vegetables for bulk sale. They are sold by auction to the traders for further retail sale.

On Monday evening, Vinayak Bahire, a farmer from Navadpada, Dindori tehsil, brought coriander bunches to the market. The good quality produce fetched a whopping Rs 20,500 for hundred bunches, which amounts to Rs 205 per bunch.

The rise in the coriander price is attributed to lesser supply and more demand in the markets. With festival time and festival food, the demand for coriander is high, whereas heavy prolonged rains have affected the harvest of the leafy vegetables, including coriander.

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